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GCC is one of the oldest and first of its kind as applied geological and geophysical consulting firms (privately owned) in Jordan, established in Amman in 1996 by senior geophysicist Dr. Naser Hasweh. The Center focused on outsourcing professionals for conducting its consulting studies of geological, geophysical, hydrological, environmental and geotechnical studies on the selection of the best consultants in the market with high efficiency and extensive field experience, as well as of unique access to instruments, hardware and software technologies. The GCC realized before other similar firms in the country that the development of Earth Sciences, especially geophysics, made this discipline a necessity that cannot be indispensable in the procedures of geological exploration and construction as well as engineering, infrastructure and the environment. 

This development was accompanied with obvious development in the devices and instruments used in the studies along with advances in modern theories and software that is used in the analysis and interpretation of data derived from such studies. The application of geophysical methods in developed countries in the various fields mentioned above has proved successful, "brilliant" and highly needed in light of the promising results of accuracy in determining the scientific data and savings in material cost of any project under implementation.

Distinguished from other geological studies, geophysical studies can give an accurate, clear and full picture of the situation of the subsurface without resorting to drilling operations, but through physical measurements carried out on the surface of the earth. From here came the idea of establishing the Geological Consulting Center (GCC) as the first specialized center in the private sector in Jordan to keep pace with the rapid development in the world.
GCC has the ability to work in the field and follow-up findings and advance best recommendations possible that come with the geological and geophysical studies, and in each stage of the exploration and drilling operations. GCC equipped with all distinguished skills, state-of–the-art scientific devices and instruments of geophysics and different software glad to put his potential at the client’s disposal, for the implementation of any study or consultation in the above areas. 

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