We execute different type of consultancy projects to assist our clients in achieving their objective towards a successful business.  (GCC) has conducted many geological exploration, geophysical exploration, Hydrological & hydrogeological and mining studies over the past twenty-seven years. i.e. geological exploration of Oil Shale, Phosphate, Pure Limestone, Glass Sand, Volcanic Tuff, Gypsum and other industrial rocks in Jordan. Comprehensive studies were carried out regarding Mine design, Reserve Calculations and determination of the proven reserve, possible reserve and inferred reserve
Tens of geophysical surveys were implemented in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and United Araba Emirates i.e. infrastructure investigations, water table detection, subsurface geological structures, soil contamination, Cavities, Sinkholes and depth to bedrock etc. In addition to that, studies of the physical properties of rocks, including soil resistivity and thermal resistivity.
Numerous hydrological and hydrogeological studies conducted in different regions of Jordan. Among the geological exploration tasks, a hydrological and Hydrogeological studies were conducted to show the presence of groundwater within the explored areas, determining its locations, in addition to defining its depths and discharges, to figure out the possibility of exploiting groundwater and benefiting from it for human or other industrial goals.
Hydrological and Hydrogeological Studies were implemented by GCC to major projects such as the Arab Gas Pipeline, the North Gas Pipeline, National Water Carrier and the Dead Sea-Red Sea Canal, in addition to many studies of medium and small projects.