Our Services

What We Do?

The most important applications of studies that the GCC can provide include, but not limited to: 

Geological Services:

- Soil mapping
- Geologic Surveying
- Geologic Assessment
- Basic Desk Geological Report
- Site-Specific Desk Geological Report
- Geologic Surveys
- Geologic Hazard studies
- Geological Mapping and Modeling
- Mineral resources evaluation
- Geological Mining studies
- Geoarcheological surveying
- Petrographic Rock Analysis
- Borehole Drilling Support Services


Geophysical Services

- Determine depth to bedrock / overburden thickness
- Determine depth to groundwater
- Map subsurface Stratigraphy
- Map clay aquitard
- Map salt-water intrusion                       
- Map vertical extent of certain types of soil and groundwater contamination 
- Estimate landfill thickness
- Map faults and subsurface structure
- Map lateral extent of conductive contaminant plumes
- Locate voids, cavities and sinkholes
- Map heavy metals soil contamination
- Delineate disposal areas
- Map paleo channels
- Map archaeological sites 
- Locating fractures, faults, and other shallow subsurface structures
- Archeological investigations
- Excavation planning
- Mineral resource mapping
- Precious and base metals
- Geological structural mapping
- Geological and Geophysical interpretation


Hydrological and Hydrogeological Studies

Determining the level of groundwater, direction and movement; such studies are important in determining the location of landfill waste sites and environmental pollution. 3D modelling of plumes and landfill contaminant and Flood hazards assessment.

Conducting geological and exploratory studies dealing with searching and prospecting for raw materials and natural resources;

Subsurface studies for infrastructure and development projects: Examining and determining the sequences of class land, commensurate with the nature of the problem to be solved, such as the construction of bridges, tunnels, dams, roads, etc., the thickness of the soil and the depth of bedrock, and the nature of the various geological structures like folds, faults, cracks and fissures; and determining the location of the caves under the surface, whether  natural or manmade (archaeological sites) to diagnose its negative impact on facilities that can be established above, like cities of industrial and sports complexes and large structures.

Other Services

- Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Georeferencing

- Topographic Surveys
- Tectonics and Structural Studies
- Seismicity and Seismotectonics (Seismic Risk Assessment)
- Technical and Feasibility Studies
- Mining Studies- Reserve Calculations
- Environmental Impact Assessment Studies